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 woodcut, Jonah on the beach

woodcut, Jonah on the beach

What to expect when you visit.

We are an Anglican church. Worship follows an tradition that assumes that our hearts and minds need to be transformed daily, weekly, and completely.

As we worship, God softens, comforts and challenges our hearts and minds, allowing us to be transformed by His love and forgiveness.

We believe in an experience of worship that allows us to move beyond being mere consumers, to becoming participants in worship, not just on Sunday, but in our everyday lives.


Our service is not flashy or long. We sing. We pray. We hear God's word. We greet one another and sing some more. We have the pleasure of meeting in the Church of the Ascension, which offers a beautiful, warm and inviting space.


Our music has been compared to really good campfire music. No, we don't sing Kumbaya. We do sing a mix of modern and traditional songs, using mostly acoustic instruments and relying on the congregation to be the choir.


Each week's sermon is gospel anchored, and designed to uplift, enrich, provoke conversation and impart practical wisdom. We take communion every week. For children, there is a nursery, ages 0-2, down the side hall of the church, a pre-k club for ages 3-5 and a kids' club for ages 6-12. 


Whether you're just passing through or here to stay, you're family when you come to Jonah's Call. We're an eclectic group: big families, newlyweds, college students, retirees, young professionals and everyone in between.


On the last Sunday of the month, we host a free potluck dinner after the service. Most folks love to stay and eat, laugh, catch up and connect. 


Parking is available in the two lots located next to the church on Neville and Ellsworth Avenues, on street and in the Oakland Catholic parking lot located on Neville Avenue. Children’s Ministry and child care is provided, dress is casual, and a complimentary meal follows the service every week.


Why are we called Jonah's Call?

In the Bible, Jonah was a prophet called to bring the good news of God's love to a city in desperate need of it. We believe that Pittsburgh is a city worth loving, worth praying for, worth investing in, and worth raising our families in.

We believe that we can accomplish this together by worshiping God, loving our neighbors, and shaping culture through our daily work.





 Rector, Andrew Defusco

Rector, Andrew Defusco

Jonah’s Call meets on Sundays at 4:00 p.m.

4729 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213