The transforming power of the Gospel is so beautiful that it compels us to respond by offering all of our life as worship unto Him. In our daily individual worship, our relationship with God is renewed and the world around us is restored as we devote ourselves to God’s Word, offer Him our prayers, and live out the Gospel in every area of our lives.

The inclusivity of the Gospel (God fully accepts us as his children because of the atoning work of Christ on the cross) is so intimate that it restores our ability to know and be known by our neighbors. Therefore, we seek to offer forgiveness to those who have harmed us, sacrificial love to everyone we encounter, and generous hospitality to all we meet. As a Church, we strive to live out our life together by offering permanence to transients and deep roots to established families.



Rector, Jay Slocum

Parish Life Director, Catherine Slocum

Parish Administrator, Laura Irwin

Worship Pastor, David Sadd

Verger,  Andrew Sadd

Tech and Sound, Chad Green

Book Keeper, Sarah Vandermolen

Nursery Primary Caregiver, Sue Myers

Treasurer, Rhonda Smith


Senior Warden, Matthew Whipple

Junior Warden, Linda Stewart

CLERK, Ashley Savisky

VESTRY, Sarah Perry

VESTRY, Chad green

VESTRY, kyle irwin


Volunteer Coordinator, laura irwin

Meal Ministry, Jessica Whipple

Prayer Ministry, Linda Stewart

Children and Youth Ministry, Catherine Slocum